The Night Of- Part 3 of 3

Trigger Warning I openly discuss death, grief, PTSD, struggles with alcohol and other substances, self harm, suicidal tendencies and ideations, depression and anxiety. Part 3 Cop 2 came out and instructed Cop 1 to take me to Scott’s apartment. As we walked up the stairs I remember someone telling me they had trauma counselors onContinue reading “The Night Of- Part 3 of 3”

Some are Born to Sing the Blues

This is the hardest piece I have ever written. My resume contains several obituaries, eulogies, and expressions of my own grief, struggles, and pain.  I’ve been a writer since I became literate. My bedroom has always been littered with notes and doodles on shreds of paper or mail, and piles of journals and notepads. IContinue reading “Some are Born to Sing the Blues”