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Steph Melton

Widow. Writer. Warrior.

Hello from Denver! I’m Stephanie! 

My elevator speech: I became a widow unexpectedly at 29, 10 months after I married a man I’d known since I was 16 and about a month after he turned 30. 

What I know you want to ask: no I didn’t kill him, he was 30, aortic dissection, I have not remarried. I have dated and am not actively at this time. I do believe he is still around me in some capacity. 

I am very open about all of this. I have learned my courage in doing so serves others. So, here is my journey, my story as I continue to write it.

Life is a bitch, grief is a fickle, fickle bitch. Absolutely every person we encounter in the world carries pain we will never understand the depths of. My experience granted me the ability to feel that. When I allow myself to, I feel so intently I cannot describe it.

While fighting through my pain, I started talking about it. I started answering questions and calling people out for saying things they didn’t know felt like daggers into my already bleeding heart; I started a conversation.

That conversation has brought growth to me and to others fighting to survive in a world that just doesn’t get it. 

I grew up in Colorado outside of Denver, and have lived here my entire life.  

In adolescence, I found a love of tennis, science, learning and people. All are still true.  

I am passionate about animals. My husband worked with them which enlightened me.

Writing and speaking about grief is absolutely my passion however I am finding ways to make a difference within the NLP (Neuro Linguistic ReProgramming) world as well.

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