Steph’s Favorite Things


It has been said that a good cup of tea is like getting the effects of a hot bath within a cup. After removing alcohol from my diet, I found a need to replace it with something else. Why tea? It’s different, yet available most places. I also struggle with caffeine and tea gives me more decaf options when I’m off coffee.

You can ice it, add random flavors or fruit. It’s amazing how much more water you will consume if it’s yummy. 

I’ll keep it simple for the non- tea snobs, Celestial Seasonings is my go to. I am from Colorado, so I may be a little biased.

Weighted Blanket

A lifesaver for anyone with insomnia, anxiety or PTSD. I’ll spare you the science that does back these products and just say it’s totally worth the investment.

My mom was able to find one in an adult size, weight and even in hot pink. 

My weighted blanket has done wonders for my sleep and serves as a comfy little retreat when I’m feeling overstimulated. 

Tv & Movies

Both are either used for palate cleansing or background noise in my world. As much as I love a good, tear jerking drama, I have learned that I get too invested in these stories. Watching an emotional film as an empath is exhausting. I do my best to be mindful of my energy and what I’m looking to get out of my time in front of Netflix.

Sticking to Comedies helps. The Office, Arrested Development, Good Girls and Schitt’s Creek are in the usual rotation.

Running Alarm Clock

This was given to me as a gag gift long before Howard died. Now, it might just be my favorite product. I have horrible insomnia. Which usually means I won’t sleep for a couple days and then will crash a few hours before something really important.

This little guy makes it impossible for me to unknowingly turn off my alarm in a trance.


True crime has been an interest of mine since I grew up watching my dad in action in a courtroom. This one is a little touchy for me now. I had to stop listening to True Crime Garage after The Captain ignorantly ranted about how easy it is to recover fingerprints from a body. From my personal experience, I know this is not the case. 911 calls are also triggering for me. I am grateful I didn’t have to be the one who called for help the night my husband died, but I do know what my mental state was. After being nearly, formally accused of murdering Howard, I can’t wrap my head around the idea that people’s behavior in such moments can be analyzed accurately.

With all that said, these are the few that have remained favorites despite my higher standards.

Morbid: I am constantly impressed by this one. Two gals, one an autopsy technician, add a “cocktails with the girls” vibe to commonly known and lesser known true crime stories. They also provided a lot of cultural and historic insights.

The Brohio Podcast: This is what I listen to when I’m really missing Howard. Just two dudes hanging out and talking about true crime, conspiracies and usually telling poop stories. It’s a bit raunchy but has brought me countless laughs.

Mental Illness Happy Hour: Do you remember “Dinner and a Movie” on TNT? The guy from that, Paul Gilmartin, started an amazing podcast about mental health. He really does touch on everything and no topic is too taboo.

Everything Swallow: Sean Swallow was a producer on a morning radio show in Denver for the longest time. Howard adored this man. Sean and his wife, Shaina now have their own podcast. They really talk about everything but from a unique and relatable perspective. They are very involved around the Denver area, and share many of their adventures. Everything they do is just fun. Do yourself a favor and #followtheswallows

Meditation Barbie

I wish this toy was around when I was an anxious child. Barbie walks you through a simple meditation technique that can be used anytime, anywhere. Her belly lights up to signal you, she counts each breath, her limbs are malleable to demonstrate different positions for a younger audience, and Barbie of course looks fabulous while reminding you to take a few minutes for yourself.

Journals, Stickers, Pens

A journal is just a tremendous tool in general but adding things like stencils, scented or sparkly ink, and stickers makes it a lot more fun. I have found that digging through stencils or placing stickers, changing pens to color in designs etc helps me to exert emotional energy.  

Yes, my journals appear fun and time consuming at first glance, however they provide me with a lot of insight when I look back at them. I can pick up on little hints from my color schemes, handwriting, and doodles. All of this helps me to better understand myself and my patterns.

Coloring Books

I don’t think I ever really outgrew these. Lisa Frank will always be in my collection but I’ve also had fun with ones showing general daily annoyances (like dropping your contact lense on a bathroom floor). I often find a sense of calm reciting Poe while coloring in ravens, and please don’t judge me for loving to fill in Ted Bundy’s dreamy yet mysterious eyes. There are plenty of adult options these days.


I feel these are massively under used. Yes, being able to pull up a chill song or familiar podcast at any point is fantastic, but headphones offer so much more.

People leave you alone when your headphones are visible.

I’ve found if I cry in public, someone always tries to help, which makes me feel more noticeable and vulnerable in my moment of panic/grief/crisis.

If I have headphones on when I’m crying, magically I look more pissed than sad and people leave me alone.

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